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Our team has an accumulated experience of hotels and resorts marketing; local and international chains.
We offer all kind of marketing services online & offline. Starting from creating a brand identity, establishing newly opened properties online, reputation management, handling properties tour operator catalogues, PR services local and international press, going through google & YouTube ads, social media platforms moderation and advertising locally and internationally, webmaster, website content creation, or even translation, photography, videography…etc.

Marketing Solutions

We provide our clients with the best marketing solutions, through creating and designing customized marketing campaigns, using effective marketing tools.

We offer two forms of marketing

  1. Online Marketing Tools
  2. Offline Marketing Tools


Marketing Tools

We offer you two different applications for your online


  1. SEO (Search engine optimization): To reach your audience in a more effective way, we offer you SEO service that allows you to get to top ranks, to be visible and easily reachable by potential customers looking for what you offer.

For example, being ranked on the top five important results on Google Search Engine.

  1. Social Media:

Today, online marketing is the utmost effective modern marketing tool. Social Media Networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, are crucially involved in people’s lives, and vital role in increasing your market share, and reaching hence it plays a out your target audience.

Through applying our creative campaigns, and different marketing applications, clients will definitely boost their sales.

Offline Marketing Tools


We design and print all kinds of print in high quality all kinds of printing (Brochures, Flyers, Booklets, Posters, Banners,etc..) dealing with professional printing agencies to ensure the best quality for our clients.


Brand activation brings brands to life through encouraging positive audience participation physically or digitally. We present suitable activation solutions to our clients according to your target audience.


A creative booth design is what you need to attract customers. We provide creative designs of booths and we produce them, through carefully choosing our durable good material that could last for more than one event.


Since people appreciate and love the idea from getting something for free, especially from brands, we aim to help you spread your giveaways to spread the word about your products, create a buzz attract more customers and help increase your sales.

Outdoor Advertising

Any successful outdoor campaign begins with one’s unique locations signage. Your outdoor sign is often the first thing potential customer sees.

It should be sufficiently bright and noticeable to attract attention and sufficiently informative to let where customers would know what’s sold here.

LST Egypt gates provides you with excellent and competitive outdoor locations, offers and related outdoor services to our clients, not only signage.